Have you ever played the game “Telephone”? The game begins by telling a complicated story to the one person who then passes the story onto another. From there, the story is retold again and again from one person to the next. In the world of children’s games, the distorted details that are delivered at the end of a game of “Telephone” can be both funny and entertaining. Unfortunately, the same does not hold true in the real world of insurance claims investigation. One misinterpreted or undiscovered detail can cost your company literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

With a staff of bilingual, fully licensed and insured investigators in Wisconsin and Illinois, Genesis Group is your first line of defense in your efforts to protect your firm from Spanish speaking claimants. It is our mission to reduce your risk through the prevention of payout on fraudulent claims due to substandard translation services.

Contact us today for a free assessment of how Genesis Group can simplify your Hispanic claims, report accurate investigation and interview findings, reduce your bilingual claims risk, and protect your bottom line.