Genesis Group's Privacy Policy

Genesis Group recognizes that the privacy of its clients, client stakeholders and employees is of the utmost importance. This Privacy Policy outlines Genesis Group's collection and utilization of data obtained through our website, our technology and human interaction during the course of business.

Collection of Personal Identifying Information (PII) and Other Data:

Genesis Group may collect, during the course of doing business, Personal Identifying Information (“PII”). This information may include, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and Social Security Numbers. The PII that Genesis Group collects during the course of doing business may be your own, or in the case where you are the representative of a Genesis Group client, may be data related to the subject of a valid investigation which is intended to legally gather information related to fraud mitigation or other business decisions. Please note that Genesis Group will not request that a client provide any PII about themselves or an investigation subject without a valid business need for such data.

In addition to the information outlined above, Genesis Group may collect data about the computer from which you access its web site or technology products (IP address, browser type and version, etc) and the pages within the web site or technology product that you visit for the purpose of internally reviewing proper use of systems as well as to troubleshoot user experience issues when applicable.

Use of Personal Identifying Information (PII) and Other Data:

Genesis Group collects PII solely for the purpose of delivering services to clients and ensuring the usability and security of its web site and technology products, and may periodically utilize such information to contact you for the purpose of client feedback or to alert you as to the availability of products and services. Genesis Group employee access to PII is restricted to those employees who need access to the information in order to provide requested services to our clients.

PII is stored on secured servers in a secure environment in an encrypted format for added security. Genesis Group only requests PII to be provided via web pages within its technology products from pages that use Secured Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure the encryption of the data during transmission over the internet.

Genesis Group does not lease, rent or sell PII relating to any clients or investigation subjects for marketing purposes, and further does not provide such information to third parties except for instances in which a trusted third party is assisting with or providing additional value to a service that you have requested from Genesis Group. Such third parties are strictly prohibited from utilizing PII other than for the specific purpose for which it was provided.

Genesis Group employees are strictly forbidden from utilizing PII for any purpose other than the intent that it was provided for and further are forbidden from distributing such information to any parties without a valid “need to know”. Failure to comply with this policy is grounds for immediate termination and possible legal action.

Contact Information:

Please contact Genesis Group regarding questions, comments or issues relating to this policy or to report any potential breach of the proper use of PII: or 866-297-5533 ext 104.