Genesis Group provides expertise in the detection of, and protection from, all forms of electronic eavesdropping. Our counter surveillance services considerably mitigate the risk of loss of your most important business information through espionage.

Our work product generally includes a detailed and written analysis depicting sweep techniques, findings, and recommendations. If a electronic listening device, camera or other similar device is detected during the course of our sweep, we will document the findings and discuss with the client the next steps to safeguard their information and to identify the origin if possible.

Electronic Eavesdropping Inspection includes the following:

  • A threat assessmentincluding possible parties who could benefit from spying on your business.
  • A telephone system analysis.
  • A radio frequency (RF) spectrum analysis from 20MHz to 6GHz frequency range.
  • An infared (IR) search of all accessible areas.
  • A covert video transmission inspection.
  • A physical serch of the target site.
  • Follow-up investigation reccomendations.